The "Indoor-Pool"
More   than   an   eye-catcher   is   our   „Indoor-Pool"   which   invites   you   by   its   size   of   7   x   3x   1.4   m   for swimming,    splashing    around    and    wellbeing. The   heated   and   for   its   water   quality   controlled pool   is   year-round   usable.   It   has   both   daylight and        individually        switchable,        coloured illumination, underwater and above water. Finest    air    bubbles    and    the    rich    in    minerals water    from    the    depths    of    the    nearby    mine Georg-Joseph makes it an adventure pool.
The   exclusively   usable   „Private   Spa"    offers   a electrically   heated   Finnish   sauna.   With   space for   up   to   5   people   on   2   levels   you   will   find   a range of scents. The   whirlpool   for   2   people   has   an   adjustable water   temperature.   Various   bath   salts   will   be provided. A     massage     table,     deckchairs,     a     drinking fountain     and     a     separate     changing     room (planned) complete the spa area.
The   area   „Under   Palm   Trees"    in   front   of   the pool     -     with     8     seats,     2     tables     and     an individually   switchable,   coloured   illumination   - invites for relaxing. Separated   by   a   porthole   door   from   the   private spa    also    a    spacious,    coloured    illuminated shower   cabin,   a   tray   for   glasses   and   sufficient towel hooks are located here. From   here   both   you   have   a   view   to   the   pool and through an big window to the adjoining bar area.
The   rustic   bar   area   was   kept   by   us   in   the   style of   a   „Harbour   Pub“ .   A   corner   seat   with   table as   well   as   a   bar   with   stools   and   a   historical brewery   lighting   offers   the   direct   view   to   the pool. A    refridgerator    and    a    HiFi    system    complete the     equipment     and     can     be     used     upon request. Separated   from   the   bar   is   a   small,   lockable, unisex toilet for the spa area.
The    „Sun    Terrace"     has    a    sight    protection towards    the    street    and    the    village    but    still grants   the   view   over   the   valley   of   Kerkerbach and   the   bordering   forrest.   Stylish   glass   blocks allow   a   look   on   the   pool   lights   inside.   Rattan chairs   as   well   as   two   bistro   tables   on   terrace   2 invite     for     cooling     down     after     the     sauna session or just for breathing fresh air. From   here   you   have   the   separated   access   to the spa area from the outside.
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The "Private Spa" "Under Palm Trees" The "Harbour Pub" The "Sun Terrace"