Room "Forrest Lust" Room "Top Deer"
2    variably    adjustable    tables    with    up    to    12 seats   offers   enough   space   for   dining,   gaming or   comfortably   sitting   together.   In   the   room you   will   find   a   compact   stereo,   different   side boards      with      abundant      dishes      for      your breakfast, lunch or dinner. The   flooded   with   light   room   Top   Deer"   picks up   thematically   our   logo.   It   is   created   in   warm brown    tones    and    with    a    lot    of    elaborate details.
The     spacious     room     „Forrest     Lust"      in     a modern   black-red   design   has   2   sofa   beds,   2 retro     armchairs,     4     seat     boxes,     Sat-TV,     a variably   colour   switchable   LED   illumination,   a as   needed   room   dividing   sliding   door   to   the dining room and its own balcony. The     breathtaking     view     over     the     valley     of Kerkerbach    and    the    forrest    will    carry    you away     into     a     nature     which     still     can     be experienced    near    the    river    Lahn    and    the regions Taunus and Westerwald.
Our   room   „Hazelnut"    as   the   biggest   of   the   3 bed   rooms   offers   you   a   comfortable   1.80   m wide    bed    surface    and    with    its    three-stage mattress   concept   the   greatest   possible   lying and sleeping comfort. Equipped   with   Sat-TV   and   a   large   closet   the room    is    kept    in    the    colours    wine    red    and cappuccino.   From   here   you   have   a   wonderful view   over   the   in   parts   listed   village   centre   of Hofen.
The   wholesome   „Star   Galley"    fascinates   with its     details.     Cooking,     baking,     washing     the dishes,    doing    the    laundry    with    joy?    Due    to fridge-freezer,     cooker     with     ceramic     hob, dishwasher,     washing     machine     with     dryer, automatic     coffee     machine,     toaster,     kettle, cookware,   cutlery   and   much   more   you   are   the captain on the bridge. In      colour      the      kitchen      surprises      in      its combination     of     grey,     yellow     and     orange shades.
The "Star Galley"
The   cosy   room   „Mice"   with   its   southeastern morning      sun      view      over      the      valley      of Kerkerbach     waits     on     with     2     comfortable single   beds,   each   with   90   cm   bed   surface   and the   three-stage   mattress   concept.   On   request both   can   be   matched   to   a   double   bed.   Also availabe is a large closet and Sat-TV. The   room   is   kept   in   gentle   shades   of   grey   and invites you directly for a restful sleep.
The   third   member   is   our   room   „Marigold" .           It   lives   up   to   its   name:   in   the   right   morning hour   itself   becomes   to   the   sunrise   and   shines in    the    most    beautiful    orange    shades.    The room    hosts    beside    a    large    guest    closet    a comfortable   double   bed   with   a   1.40   m   wide mattress. Also   our   number   3   has   Sat-TV   and   offers   the direct   view   to   forrest,   meadows   and   the   valley of Kerkerbach.
Generously   and   in   the   retro   style   fitted   the centrally    located    bathroom    „Flower    Power"   offers space for the whole family. The    room    is    furnished    with    2    washbasins, mirror   cabinet,   toilet,   bathtub   -   with   shower and    functional    shower    blind    in    a    trendy design    -    and    open    cabinets    with    plentiful space for your toilet bags. An    eye-catcher    is    the    window    curtain    of orange elements in floral patterns.
The   entrance   corridor   welcomes   you   in   your temporary       home.       Multifunctionally       the „Foyer"   guides   you   in   4   different   directions   of VILLA   WICKENBERG:   to   the   guest   toilet   -   in which   Mona   Lisa   shows   you   a   smile   and   the Night   Watch   takes   care   of   your   welfare   -,   to the   spa   area,   to   the   kitchen   and   to   the   dining room. Here      is      a      sideboard      with      information concerning   the   region   and   offerings   from   our partners, a wardrobe and guest slippers.
Room "Mice" Bathroom "Flower Power" The "Foyer"
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Room "Hazelnut" Room "Marigold"